RSS AUTOMATION is a young, ambitious company offering modern and innovative technical solutions especially in the field of automation on plastic injection molding machines. The company’s activity is based on many years of employee experience not only in the field of automation but also in the process of plastic injection.
The first area of the company’s activity is the selection and sale of components  of EOAT systems, in other words the components used to build tools for industrial robots. The components we sell are  compatible with most existing systems on the market. Using our experience in this area, we try to propose innovative solutions. In addition, we are able to select and supply you with any type of vacuum cups.
The second area of our activity is the design and production of various types of complete grippers from the simplest to the most complex. Using the possible functionalities, we offer grippers for take of parts and sprue, transferring parts between the cavities of the mold, put inserts into the injection mold, etc.

Another area of our activity are solutions related to the automation on plastic injection molding machines. We design, manufacture and implement such devices. In these devices, in addition to the complete grippers mentioned above, we implement sprue cutting stations, automatic and semi-automatic inserts feeding stations and other equipment for additional post-injection processing.




  • High-quality components for assembling complete grippers of industrial robots.
  • Selection and sale of suction cups.
  • Design and assembly of all kinds of complete grippers for industrial robot.
  • Sprue cutting station.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic inserts feeding stations.
  • Other equipment for additional post-injection processing
  • Consulting in the field of EOAT components and complete gripper construction as well as automation on plastic injection molding machines.